Saturday, 13 April 2013


Welcome to Chef Cruziey's webpage!

I am not just your personal chef but I am also a cooking instructor. My expertise in cuisine art covers all global dishes from all around the world - Malaysian, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Indian, European, Middle-East, and African. 
Founder of Cruziey Incorp.

My business motto: Passion for people and food stems from an exposure at a young age learning to cook from my mother and grandmother, who were master chefs in their community. This passion continued on later to my adulthood and especially after migrating to Canada when I was exposed to the diverse dishes from many cultures. I then spent my free time exploring and learning to cook these many cuisines. And as the years went on, not only did I become an expert in preparing these dishes, but I also created my own and new recipes, which were easy to make and time-efficient.

Many people had the liberty of not only enjoying my hospitality pertaining to cooking, but also, turned to me as a credible source for cooking tips and as part of their fund raising strategies. It did not stop at that, I was then preparing food for their families and dinner parties. At the encouragement of a good friend, I decided to pursue my passion and thus, Chef Cruziey was born.

Since my passion is with food & people, I  also decided to use my earnings towards helping the poor, needy & underprivileged. Every penny earned through this passion is channeled to a charitable organization or individual/s. 

Feel free to browse through my online kitchen and relish through the intimate journeys of my love for cooking, and cooking for people!

And stay tuned for "Cooking with Cruziey" show coming soon!

Scrumptiously yours,

Chef  Cruziey
* * *
Any inquiries for an upcoming event or suggestions for a new recipe, please contact me and I will be more than happy to accommodate your palatable needs!